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001 | CBL

夫婦の実家での親との同居を機に、離れのように独立した生活空間が求められました。 木造でありながら既存の鉄骨梁による広がりあるワンルーム空間を生かしたLDKに、 窓から見える新幹線沿いの一番眺めの良い位置に生活の中心となるキッチンカウンターを配置。 壁面収納とパントリーに収納を集約すること、ダイニングテーブルを置かず、キッチンカウンターで調理、 食事を楽しむ暮らしを選択することで、将来の生活の変化に柔軟に対応する、ゆとりのある空間としました。
既存の小さい窓からの眺めだけではあまりに頼りなく感じ、南側の窓際は大理石モザイクタイル貼りの床として、 沢山の植物やソファを自由に置くことで生活の拠り所となることを意図しています。
床の素材の切り替えやキッチンカウンターが使い方に縛られないきっかけとなって、 ワンルームの中に夫婦の様々な過ごし方がが許容される、そんな空間を実現しています。

CBL is refurbishment of an attic on the garage in Kurosaki, Niigata, Japan. It was required to be an independent living environment as an extension of existing house built 60 years ago. The attic was renovated to a LDK space by making good use of the characteristic of the existing structure: broad space under the existing steel beam.
The heart of the house is a kitchen counter made of the quartz stone. It has been installed on the place where we obtain the pleasant view along the highline of the bullet train through the window. By choosing a life style without dining table, The kitchen counter becomes the place for cooking, eating, working and more use.
Kitchen, pantry and wall storage, functional part of the house, are put all together on the one side, while the rest of the space is opened up for the future changes of their life.
Since existing windows provide very limited views, Marble mosaic tile floor on the south side is filled with plants and sofa for making more pleasant environment.
The kitchen counter and the material difference of the floor are keys to the non-deterministic, non-uniform space, although the means of designing is keeping the minimum. This feature of the space makes that each behavior of people comfortably coexists in one room possible.


status: completed in Apr.2020
location: Kurosaki, Niigata, Japan
type: renovation
use: housing+studio
site area: n/a
floor area: 61.12 sqm / 18.5 坪

architectural design: © Ryoichi Aida
construction: Nagainisuke Syoten | Takahiro Banba, Daisuke Nagai
photograph: © Tetsuya Tsurumi

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