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003 | HYK

瀬戸市の伝統的な景観を形成する「窯垣」をリサーチし、再構築、生活空間に取り込む。 ...

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architectural design: © Ryoichi Aida + Takayuki Shimada
image: © Ryoichi Aida + Takayuki Shimada

002 | Garden Escape

クライアントは既に敷地内に全てが揃った新しい母屋を持っていたが、大きな庭にリゾートいるような離れを作りたいという。 ...

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architectural design: © Ryoichi Aida + Takayuki Shimada
collage: © Ryoichi Aida + Takayuki Shimada

001 | CBL

夫婦の実家での親との同居を機に、離れのように独立した生活空間が求められました。 木造でありながら既存の鉄骨梁による広がりあるワンルーム空間を生かしたLDKに、 窓から見える新幹線沿いの一番眺めの良い位置に生活の中心となるキッチンカウンターを配置。 ...

CBL refurbishment of an attic on the garage in Kurosaki, Niigata, Japan. It was required to be an independent living environment as an extension of existing house built 60 years ago. The attic was renovated to a LDK space by making good use of the characteristic of the existing structure: broad space under the existing steel beam. ...      

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architectural design: © Ryoichi Aida
construction: Nagainisuke Syoten | Takahiro Banba, Daisuke Nagai
photograph: © Tetsuya Tsurumi

The Streets of São Paulo

... evident need of the city, combined with the need for public facilities particularly in the informal areas, provides an opportunity to imagine a new type of public space with pedestrian connection for metropolitan São Paulo. ...

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architectural design: © Ryoichi Aida and all collaborators
collaborators: Sanne van den Breemer, Patricia Fernandes, Kyung Su Jung, Heejung Kil, Githa Hartako Ong, Ariel Vázquez, Si Wu
tutor: Pier Paolo Tamburelli , Maria Chiara Pastore
map and collages: © Ryoichi Aida and all collaborators

Herbal Kampung
-Superkampung The Densest, Liveliest and Most Diverse-

... This research focuses on the architectural and urbanistic interventions based on a hypothesis of super specialization of Kampung. By specializing in certain programs, the kampung will be able to compete economically with the rest of the city and thus can sustain their existence and become prosperous while at the same time maximizing their intrinsic qualities. ...

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architectural design: © Ryoichi Aida
collaborators: Sanne van den Breemer, Najmus Chowdhry, Patricia Fernandes, Kyung Su Jung, Heejung Kil, Chi Li, Zhongqi Ren, Miyuki Yamamoto
tutor: Winy Maas, Ulf Hackauf, Daliana Suryawinata
drawing: © Ryoichi Aida

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